Partnerships and stakeholders

To bring better health within reach we work with a wide range of stakeholders and partners.

We continue to build engagement with all of our stakeholders, including the patients who use our medicines, healthcare professionals, our customers, our employees and the wider community. Staying connected enables us to better understand everyone's needs.

Key stakeholders we engage with
Our commitment to improving access to medicines is unwavering. We are dedicated to working collaboratively with all stakeholders to address this critical global issue. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of millions of patients worldwide.

We meet regularly with patient advocacy groups for diseases such as multiple sclerosis, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, to better understand the patient experience and patient needs.

We engage with doctors, clinicians and pharmacists to better understand their needs, and so help them to effectively treat the patients they serve. We understand that they need us to consistently provide a broad portfolio of products, and it essential that we constantly align our efforts to the changing needs of their patients.

We also run regular forums and scientific symposia bringing together key opinion leaders, doctors and global research institutes to share knowledge and raise awareness of healthcare trends and disease management. 

Alongside these initiatives our commercial teams meet regularly with Group Purchasing Organisations (GPOs), hospitals, healthcare professionals, retailers, wholesalers and others to build strong relationships and optimise the level of service we provide.

We are one Hikma, supporting each other, driving onwards and pursuing our collective purpose: to put better health within reach, every day. We’re a company with a culture of progress and belonging, and our three values drive our culture. We are innovative, caring and collaborative. We recognise that by working together we can achieve more.

Partnerships for better health

We always operate in accordance with a wide range of industry and government policies and regulations including those of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the European Medicines Agency (EMA), MENA health authorities, and other regulatory agencies across our markets.

We adhere to all regulatory requirements, maintaining high-quality manufacturing facilities, providing safe and effective medicines, and upholding trust by ensuring that quality is in everything we do.

Our suppliers are critical for our business, and their products and expertise support us in the delivery of high-quality medicines to patients around the world. Working together in partnership and building strong relationships not only enables us to deliver on our purpose but it also ensures we have a sustainable and resilient supply chain.

Our investors are largely global institutions, and include both equity and debt holders. We maintain regular contact with our investors to ensure they have an in-depth understanding of our operations, financial performance, growth drivers and ESG efforts, so they can be confident in our ongoing ability to deliver sustainable long-term value.

Our vision is to create a healthier world that enriches all our communities by developing high-quality medicines and making them accessible to those who need them. We support people and communities in need through our medicine donations programme, including low-income groups, vulnerable people and displaced persons. In 2023 our medicine donations increased to $4.9m.

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