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Our resilient and diversified business model is balanced across Injectables, Branded and Generic segments, enabling us to respond to the many opportunities and challenges we face, while delivering for our stakeholders.

Sterile generic injectable products across three geographies

This is our largest business. It has an extensive portfolio generic injectable products, advanced manufacturing operations, and strong global commercial reach across North America, MENA and Europe. In the US, we are a top-three supplier of generic injectables and our portfolio over the last decade has grown from around 50 products to more than 150. In MENA, where we are a leading supplier of injectable products, we are reinforcing our strong commercial presence with local manufacturing operations. In Europe, we are expanding into new markets in various European countries.

Injectable generics Sterile
Injectables highlights
$ 1,203 m 2023 revenue
36.9 % 2023 core operating margin
150 + products in the US

Branded generics and in-licensed patented products

We supply branded generics and in-licensed patented products to retail and hospital customers across the MENA region. We were founded in Jordan over 45 years ago and have deep rooted expertise across the 17 markets where we operate. We are the second largest pharmaceutical companies in MENA by sales, with a broad product portfolio supported by 20 plants across six countries, including US FDA-inspected plants in Jordan and Saudi Arabia. We have a large sales force of c.2,000 sales reps that market our brands to doctors and pharmacists. Our broad geographic presence, deep knowledge of local markets and long-standing reputation in the region makes us uniquely positioned to attract and sign partnerships with multi-national companies that have products that the MENA market needs. Our three largest markets in the region are Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Egypt.

Branded pharmaceuticals Branded generics
Branded highlights
$ 714 m 2023 revenue
23.8 % 2023 core operating margin
2 nd largest pharma company in MENA

Oral and other non-injectable generic and specialty products

We supply oral and other non-injectable generic and specialty products to the US retail market, leveraging our state-of-the-art facility in Columbus, Ohio. We offer a broad portfolio of differentiated products and have expertise in more complex technologies, such as nasal sprays, where we are one of the largest suppliers in the US. We also provide contract manufacturing services out of our US-based facility.

Oral generics Nasal Specialty products
Generic highlights
$ 937 m 2023 revenue
20.5 % 2023 core operating margin
# 1 supplier of prescription nasal spray in the US

1. Injectables. IQVIA MAT December 2023, generic injectables by volume (excluding branded generics and Becton Dickinson).
2. Branded. Based on internal analysis by Hikma using IQVIA MIDASĀ® Monthly value sales data for Kuwait, KSA, UAE, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco, MAT Dec 2023, reflecting estimates of real-world activity. Copyright IQVIA. All rights reserved.

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