Purpose, strategy and culture

Our purpose guides our every move, now and into the future. At the heart of it lies a genuine desire to bring better health within people’s reach.

Better health. Within reach. Every day.

Our purpose is to put better health within reach, every day
This is our reason for existing, and the thing that drives everything we do. We aim to overcome the obstacles of geography, supply and affordability and make a real difference to the lives of people, whoever they are and wherever they may be. We can only do that if we have the right culture – and we all have a role to play in building it.

Our strategy enables us to deliver on our purpose

We aim to deliver consistent and profitable growth by putting better health within reach every day, creating high-quality medicines and making them accessible for patients around the world. Our three strategic pillars are: to strive for excellence; to diversify and differentiate our pipeline; and to empower people and act responsibly.

Hikma has a culture of progress and belonging
This is about being one Hikma, supporting each other, driving onwards, growing our business and pursuing our collective promise – to put better health within reach, every day. At the heart of this are our three values: innovation, caring and collaboration. We’re innovative because we progress by embracing new perspectives and inspiring each other. We're caring, taking the time to build relationships that are grounded in understanding, fairness and respect. And we’re collaborative, never losing sight of the shared goal that unites us and drives us forward.

I am wholeheartedly committed to our purpose. My vision is to reinforce a culture where everyone feels a sense of belonging, where each person can contribute meaningfully and thrive in their careers.

Riad Mishlawi, CEO
Our culture

Living our values to increase access to medicines

What being collaborative means at Hikma

We trust and play to each other’s strengths, sharing our ideas and expertise to deliver high-quality medicines. We’re transparent, keep things simple and take responsibility; never losing sight of our shared goal – to put better health within reach every day. Listen to Nika Beck, Manufacturing Specialist - Hikma 503B, US who talks about the power of teamwork to deliver the medicines patients need.

What being innovative means at Hikma
We're innovators, embracing new perspectives to improve our quality of thinking. We inspire ourselves and each other, challenging perceptions of what's possible. We learn, adapt, and are unafraid of failing in our pursuit of excellence.

What being caring means at Hikma

We pride ourselves on our integrity and commitment to caring for each other, our customers, patients and communities around the world. We take the time to develop quality relationships that are built on understanding, fairness and respect. We have a medicine donation programme to support people and communities that are struggling to access the medicines they need. In 2023, we donated $4.9 million worth of medicines (value based on cost of goods).

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