Advancing health and wellbeing

Providing better healthcare and supporting our communities

Access to healthcare is at the core of what we do.

We advance health and wellbeing by using our manufacturing capabilities and global reach to produce high-quality and more affordable medicines and make them accessible to people who need them. We support our local communities through healthcare initiatives and educational programmes.

Our two focus areas

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Providing access to medicines is at the core of what we do  

As a generic pharmaceutical company we play a pivotal role in enhancing global access to medicines. The manufacture and availability of generic medicines help to improve the affordability and reliability of supply for essential medications, thereby alleviating global disease burdens and healthcare disparities.

We continually develop and launch products at competitive prices across our markets and expand the availability of our existing product portfolio by entering new markets or expanding manufacturing capabilities in our existing markets. 

We are also working with stakeholders including healthcare professionals and policy makers to ensure better support for patient needs and stronger local healthcare ecosystems, and with non-governmental organisations to continue expanding our medicine donation programme.

Extensive local manufacturing footprint
We are committed to prioritising the availability and accessibility of more affordable generic medicines by leveraging our local presence to ensure long-term security of supply, and reliable access for patients.
Manufacturing Access to Medicine
Bringing new products to market

We are investing in R&D and Business Development to ensure we are able to grow our portfolio and launch products that may not have previously been available or affordable to patients, or that can help to address shortage situations.

R&D Business Development
Improving the patient journey
We are committed to a holistic approach, working with health care providers, clinics and directly with patients to improve the overall patient journey.
Patients Health Care Professionals
Industry collaboration
We work with industry partners to sell in-licensed patented products in our markets, as well as offering contract manufacturing services. We also form collaborations with sector-specific/industry-driven associations to improve availability of generic medicines to patients.
Manufacturing Generic Medicines
Engaging with governments and policymakers
We continuously engage with policymakers to better align our activities to national health priorities. We co-ordinate with national governments during crisis situations to support access to medicines.
Health Priorities Medicine Access

Responding to humanitarian crises

We are committed to leveraging our Medicine Donations Programme to respond to crisis situations and provide relief to marginalised population segments. We have streamlined processes with global NGOs to offer donations of medicines and medical equipment.

Medicine Donations NGO

Success stories

Access to Medicine Foundation

We have an active medicine donation programme, through which we provide direct support to those people and communities that need it most. Through our programmes, we are able to provide urgent care to underserved population segments, such as low-income groups, displaced persons and those lacking sufficient medical coverage. In 2023, the value of our donations increased to $4.9m. Since 2021, our medicine donation programme has grown by 53%.

Success stories

Driving disease awareness in MENA
In 2022 we launched our Arabic language disease awareness platform – ‘Hiyat Hilweh’ – for patients in MENA. Through this consumer-focused platform we raise awareness for patients about conditions most prevalent in MENA, including hypertension, obesity, diabetes, iron deficiency and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Hiyat Hilweh is on Instagram and Facebook. Through the platform, patients are able to learn and share experiences about the most prevalent chronic lifestyle diseases in the region.

Success stories

Addressing the opioid epidemic in the US

We are committed to continuing our ongoing partnerships with harm reduction organisations, community programmes, state governments, and others as we strive to address this ongoing epidemic together. We have been working with communities across the US for more than 20 years to provide medicines that help people recover from opioid use disorder.

Three focus areas to address economic challenges facing our communities 

Community engagement is central to our sustainability agenda.

We organise activities across our global footprint to address social and economic challenges facing our communities and empower our employees with opportunities to affect positive and meaningful change.

We focus on providing in-kind medicine donations to patients in need, support education and help people in need.


Communities Education Medicine Donation
Providing better health through medicine donations

We partner with several non-profit organisations to provide medicines to patients who need them most, including low-income groups, vulnerable people and displaced persons. 

In 2023, the value of our donations increased to $4.9m. Since 2021, our medicine donation programme has grown by 53%. 


Supporting education
We are committed to working with local organisations, universities, and schools to provide mentorship and resources that better enable students to continue their education and achieve their full potential.
Helping people in need
Helping those who need it most has always been a vital part of our work. We take action to support our communities when and where it is needed, often in response to specific challenges and needs. Recently, this includes helping our local food banks and pantries following the rise in global food costs, funding infrastructure projects in our cities to ease transportation access, and rehabilitating local schools.

Success stories

Empowering students to thrive

Hikma sponsored a new Summer Art Space at the Big Brothers Big Sisters camp in the Hocking Hills region of Ohio. Our funding enabled the purchase of classroom-grade art tables and chairs, a large stainless-steel table, art storage cabinets, a Glowforge laser, and a Cricut Maker, resulting in a beautiful space for campers to express their creativity.
With arts funding decreasing in schools nationwide, we believe it is crucial that children have spaces to cultivate creativity, turn imaginations into inventions, and foster new ways to communicate and solve problems. Together, we find ways to empower the next generation to thrive.

Education Communities Partnerships

Success stories

Creating positive impact through inclusive partnerships 

Our partnerships reflect our commitment to assisting people in need and supporting education. In Jordan, we work with organisations dedicated to special needs support, such as Al Hussein Society, where since 2023 we’ve provided specialised equipment and covered admission costs for children with disabilities. Since 2018, we've sponsored educational videos with Habaybna, reaching over 700,000 MENA parents with advice on children's developmental healthcare. Our collaboration with Orient Spirit Development provides vocational training, while our support for SANA helps students with disabilities secure jobs. Additionally, we sponsor full scholarships at the Bunayat Center to enhance the lives and potential of students with intellectual disabilities and autism.

Education Partnerships People in need

Success stories

Supporting education with UNHCR

Over the past four years, Hikma has partnered with the UNHCR's DAFI (Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative) Scholarship Programme to sponsor scholarships and offer scholars opportunities such as visiting our manufacturing sites.

Fatma, a former Yemeni DAFI student who studied medicine in Egypt, one of the focus countries of Hikma’s support, explains

"DAFI made me believe in myself and my abilities as a middle eastern woman, as the first woman in my family line to get the opportunity of higher education. It’s undeniable that DAFI was an integral part of my journey, facilitating the hardships and paving the way to reach my goal of becoming an efficient, experienced doctor, and more importantly, a person who gives back to her community."

Success stories

Medicine donation programme

In 2023, the value of our donations increased to $4.9m. Since 2021, our medicine donation programme has grown by 53%. 


Success stories

Helping people in need

Since 2020, all of our locations in the US have partnered with local food banks or food pantries to help provide meals to community members in need.  We have donated more than 175,000 meals in the US to our food bank partners, located in the areas close to our sites of operation. Our teams continue to provide invaluable support to families that continue to be affected by rising inflation in the country. In this spirit, we continue to provide financial donations to each partner, but also adapt our programmes to their needs. This includes organising volunteer activities, fundraisers, and in-kind donations.

Community outreach highlights
96 partners globally
Donated $4.9 million worth of medicines (value based on cost of goods) in 2023
4,800+ volunteers
9,000+ volunteering hours