Empowering our people

Shaping an inclusive culture where everyone can thrive

Our culture: together, we collaborate, innovate, and care.

We empower our people by nurturing a culture of progress and belonging that enables them to thrive. We continue to focus on retaining and recruiting high-calibre talent, enhancing the skills and potential of our employees, and taking steps to promote diversity, equity and inclusion.

At Hikma our culture is grounded in progress and belonging. It’s a recognition that together we can achieve more. We’re one Hikma, supporting each other, driving onwards and pursuing our collective purpose: to put better health within reach every day.
Our values drive a culture of progress and belonging. We’re innovative – we progress through embracing new perspectives and inspiring each other. We do this by caring – taking the time to build relationships that are grounded in understanding, fairness and respect. And we’re collaborative – never losing sight of the shared goal that unites us and drives us forward.
Employee wellbeing
We are committed to ensuring that all our business operations meet or exceed industry standards relating to environmental, health and safety (EHS) management. Ensuring the health and safety of our employees is paramount in everything that we do. Across all our locations we adhere to stringent health and safety guidelines and monitor all work-related incidents.

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I)

We continue to advance DE&I, furthering our commitment to a culture of progress and belonging that provides all employees with opportunities for personal and professional growth. Much of the work we have done to promote DE&I has been guided through our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) including the Black Employees Advisory Board and the Hikma Women’s Network.

We maintain an inclusive approach to recruitment, retention and promotion; ensuring that opportunities remain accessible to all.
Inclusion Recruitment
People Voice survey 69% employee enablement score (+5% from 2020)
People Voice survey 73% employee engagement score (constant from 2020)
R&D engagement programmes 39 Employees working in R&D-related fields benefit from engagement programmes

Success stories

Inclusive workplace

Women physician leadership programme in Jordan
We launched a new programme to support female medical doctors through the Jordanian Medical Syndicate as part of our commitment to empower women in society. The Women Physician Leadership Programme supports female doctors with different specialisations, helping them develop the skills they need to advance their careers and become leaders in the healthcare sector.

Talent development

Global R&D development programme
Employees working in R&D-related activities are critical for the continued innovation and sustained growth of our company. We focus on providing activities and programmes that support their continuous development. We run a training curriculum for junior and senior staff, a succession plan specific to R&D and a leadership programme for scientists and managers in R&D-related fields.

Employee wellbeing

Mental health support tools for US employees
As part of our commitment to employee wellbeing, we provide our employees in the US with mental health tools and resources through the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). The EAP is available to all employees and their dependents, regardless of whether they have health insurance through the company. Through several platforms, our employees and their families can access effective tools to support their mental health and wellbeing.

Recruitment and development

Stepping up to recruit young talent in the US

In the US, we partner with talent development organisations such as One Ten and DiverseForce to prepare local talent for upcoming job openings and careers across the Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey metropolitan area, including Cherry Hill, home to our state-of-the-art US injectable manufacturing facility.