Acting responsibly

At Hikma we’re committed to operating sustainably and responsibly. This commitment is embedded in our purpose, values and corporate culture.

We are focused on the environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues that are most material to our business and stakeholders. These material issues form the basis of our sustainability framework and strategy, and we align our business with these priorities.

We're advancing health and wellbeing, empowering our people, protecting the environment and building trust through quality in everything we do, upholding ethical standards and acting with integrity.

Our approach

Acting responsibly every day.

We’re advancing health and wellbeing
Access to healthcare is a fundamental human right. By leveraging our capabilities and unique local manufacturing footprint, we are committed to making our medicines accessible and more affordable to people who need them. We work with our partners and employee volunteers to positively impact our communities.
We’re empowering our people
We are creating an inclusive and empowering workplace that promotes diversity, equity and inclusion. We recognise that our success as a company depends on the diverse perspectives, skills and experiences of our employees. We empower our people by nurturing a culture of progress and belonging that enables them to thrive. We're focused on offering exceptional learning and development opportunities and ensuring that all our business operations meet or exceed industry standards relating to environmental health and safety.
We’re protecting the environment
We recognise that manufacturing and delivering medicines has an impact on the natural environment and are committed to the efficient and responsible management of energy, water and waste, both within our organisation and across our value chain. The environmental data that we publish in our Annual and Sustainability reports have gone through an external assurance review process.
We’re building trust through quality in everything we do, upholding ethical standards and acting with integrity
We focus on maintaining high ethical standards within our organisation and across our value chain, upholding the principles of universal human rights, safeguarding against modern slavery practices, and ensuring the highest standards of product and patient safety. We work with a third party to assess the sustainability maturity of our supply chain.