Hikma Ventures

Our venture capital arm, Hikma Ventures strategically invests in businesses where our expertise and resources can accelerate growth and enhance value creation.

We established Hikma Ventures in 2015 to broaden Hikma’s offerings and tap into opportunities in the growing digital health and life sciences space. We invest in businesses where our expertise and global presence can accelerate revenue growth, enhance value creation and help differentiate Hikma’s products.

Lana Ghanem, Managing Director, Hikma Ventures
Investing in innovation and growth
Our role is to prepare for the disruptive future of the pharmaceutical industry. We look further into the future to be able to adapt in a changing world. We keep an eye on massive shifts in the industry and we aim to advance new science and technology into Hikma.
Realising the potential of global opportunity
We evaluate companies across the globe and seek to partner with the management teams of portfolio companies to help realise the potential of their products and technologies. We have been investing in areas that are strategic for Hikma today and planting seeds in areas that could potentially become strategic down the line.
Stages and areas of interest
While we are investment stage-agnostic, we have a preference for Series A and B and we are happy to lead or co-lead. We have invested in areas like digital biomarkers, digital therapeutics, telemedicine, drug delivery, neurodegenerative diseases, among others.
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