Manage your shareholding

Our shareholding is managed by our Registrar, Link Group

Our Registrar, Link Group are responsible for ensuring your shareholder details are recorded accurately and for helping you with the administration of your shareholding.

The easiest way to manage your shareholding is online through Hikma’s Share Portal:

The Share Portal is an online service enabling you to quickly and easily access and maintain your shareholding online - reducing the need for paperwork and providing 24-hour access for your convenience.

Through the Share Portal you can:

  • View your holdings and indicative share price and valuation

  • View movements on your holding

  • View your dividend payment history

  • Register and change bank mandate instructions*

  • Change your address

  • Register and change your email address

  • Access the online proxy voting service

  • Download and print shareholder forms

  • Opt-in to receive Company product and service information

  • Contact a specialised shareholder helpline or submit free-format email enquiries

  • Access the bereavement guide

*Please note that the Share Portal offers a facility to lodge bank details for the payment of dividends. However, Hikma does not currently offer all shareholders the option to receive their dividend payments electronically. Please check with Link before lodging your bank details.

1. To register you will need to enter the following information:

  • Surname

  • Your Investor Code (found on your share certificate or dividend information)

  • Postcode (if resident in the UK) / surname (if not resident in the UK)

2. You will then need to select a username and a password of your choice. When selecting your password you will notice a bar changing colour – this will show you how secure your chosen password is. You will be asked to enter your username and password every time you log in to the share portal to identify yourself.

3. You will also need to choose a memorable word. Each time you log in you will be asked to provide three random letters from this word.

4. Hikma offers the option to receive communication by email and you will be able to sign up to this during registration. You can change your selection at any time by selecting ‘Change your communication preferences’ after login.

5. You will need to confirm that you have read and accept the conditions of the service (general conditions of use). These can be read on screen or opened in a new window and printed for your records. The general conditions of use can be accessed at any time at the bottom of each webpage.

6. Once registered you will have full access to your account. Link Group will send you a confirmation email.

If you have any questions relating to your shareholding or to the Share Portal please contact Link Group.

Link Group’s contact details can be found by clicking on ‘Contact us’ at: