Hikma Pharmaceuticals Joins Efforts with King Abdullah II Center for Excellence and King Hussein Cancer Center to Create Smoke-Free Environments

Amman, 19 April 2012 – Jordan’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturer, Hikma Pharmaceuticals and King Abdullah II Center for Excellence (KACE) represented Jordan along with King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) in the ancillary business seminar of the World Congress on Cardiology held from April 18th to 21st 2012 in Dubai. The event, co-organized by the World Heart Federation, Global Bridges, and the Global Smoke-free Partnership (GSP), brought together business leaders and government officials from the region to discuss strategies to reduce the burden of smoking on businesses and the value smoke-free environments bring to individuals and organizations.

Press Release Responsibility 19 April 2012

The event marked the launch of the Arabic version of 'Smoke-free in a box'; a toolkit to guide organizations through developing, implementing, and enforcing smoke-free environments. Hikma, having implemented a highly successful smoke-free policy since 1994, is now featured as one of the case studies in this global toolkit setting an example for the MENA region and the world in how businesses can go smoke-free. The event also addressed encouraging businesses to adopt smoke-free policies where King Abdullah II Awards for Excellence for both public and private sectors were featured as a role model in creating incentives for organizations to adopt and enforce healthy environments. The Awards have recently incorporated requirements for smoke-free environments within their excellence criteria with the purpose of maximizing the positive influence of organizations on their employees and communities.

Representing Hikma was Hana Ramadan, Head of Corporate Communication, who participated in inaugurating the toolkit and presenting the challenges and rewards of adopting a smoke free corporate policy. "As a leader in the healthcare sector, Hikma believes it is essential to promote healthy living," she stated, "We remain committed to encouraging our staff and their families to cut down or stop smoking altogether; this collaboration with the King Hussein Cancer Center and the Global Smoke-Free Partnership is a great opportunity for us to share our approach and our success with other organisations in the MENA region."

The Executive Director of KACE, Yasera Ghosheh, stated "KACE believes in the importance of social responsibility, and one of our adopted fundamental concepts of excellence is taking Responsibility for a Sustainable Future stating that excellent organizations ensure a safe and healthy working environment for their people. Therefore, KACE added certain criteria for environment in general and for encouraging a smoke-free environment in particular. By adding these criteria we assure the commitment of organizations participating in the Awards in providing a healthy workplace."

The Cancer Control Office, having partnered with GSP to adapt and generate the Arabic version of the toolkit, represented KHCC on this event and presented the audience with facts on the value of going smoke-free and the route to realize such an important change.

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