CRE Committee

The CRE Committee sets the overall strategy for the Group's response to anti-money laundering, bribery, corruption and trade sanction risks. It is responsible for approving the contents of all of Hikma’s policies in areas where ethical judgements are important.

CRE Committee

John Castellani John Castellani

CREC Chair, Independent Non-Executive Director

Pat Butler Pat Butler

Nomination and Governance Committee Chair, Senior Independent Non-Executive Director

Dr. Pamela Kirby Dr. Pamela Kirby

Remuneration Committee Chair, Independent Non-Executive Director

Mazen Darwazah Mazen Darwazah

Executive Vice Chairman, President of MENA

Nina Henderson Nina Henderson

Independent Non-Executive Director

Siggi Olafsson Siggi Olafsson

Chief Executive Officer

Douglas Hurt Douglas Hurt

Audit Committee Chair, Independent Non-Executive Director

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