Your partner for 760+ high-quality medicines.

All across the United States, people lean on us to deliver high-quality medicines that put better health within reach every day. We develop, manufacture and distribute a broad range of injectable, oral, nasal and inhalable generic and branded pharmaceutical products, including essential medicines that hospitals, physicians and pharmacists need to treat their patients.

Solving shortages

How our partners have leaned on us.
Hospitals partner with Hikma 503B for the essential compounded sterile injectable medicines they need.

Fighting the opioid epidemic

How our partners have leaned on us.
Hikma produces life-saving medicines to help address the opioid epidemic in the US.

Helping fight the opioid pandemic with Gibson Gives TEMPO Program

How our partners have leaned on us.
Hikma has partnered with non-profit and community organizations, including the Gibson Gives TEMPO Program, to help fight the opioid epidemic in the US.

US hospitals and Hikma

How our partners have leaned on us.

Hikma continues to play a major role in helping US hospitals and healthcare systems alleviate shortages of essential medicines.

Contract manufacturing offerings

How our partners have leaned on us.

A detailed look at how Hikma has brought its global manufacturing prowess to Columbus, Ohio, US and to its sterile injectable sites in Europe and in the US.

Supporting our communities

How our partners have leaned on us.
Partnering with our communities to provide young students with the STEM education they need to be the next generation of science innovators.

Seasonal allergy relief is here

How allergists lean on us.
Allergists can lean on Hikma to help treat millions of people in the US suffering from seasonal allergies.

How our communities Lean on Us

How our partners have leaned on us.
Transforming lives and communities through addiction therapy and personalized service to health and community organizations nationwide.

Helping families fight the overdose epidemic

How our partners have leaned on us.
Hikma's partner organization takes over Times Square and distributes lifesaving medicine to help raise awareness about the opioid epidemic in the US.

How our partners have leaned on us.

Our Columbus, Ohio facility hosts White House Office of National Drug Control Policy Director Dr. Rahul Gupta, “Expanding access to overdose reversal medication like naloxone is a key priority...”

Our injectable products

As one of the largest manufacturers by volume of sterile injectable medicines in the US, we serve the growing needs of thousands of hospitals and millions of patients, including through our launch of Hikma 503B compounded sterile injectables for hospitals.

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Oral nasal and other non-injectable products

Our ever-growing pipeline of oral, nasal, and inhalable generic and specialty-branded medicines in the US helps us deliver a wide-range of essential products our customers rely upon.

Oral Nasal Generics
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Our specialty products

Our highly experienced pharmaceutical team develops, creates, manufactures and markets branded generics and in-licensed products across the US, and our portfolio continues to diversify.

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Our CMO capabilities

Discover our world-class 360° pharmaceutical contract manufacturing (CMO) capabilities across a broad range of dosage forms, best-in-class production facilities, and excellent quality track record.

Contract manufacturing

Hikma 503B

We provide compounded sterile injectables for the US. We have a proven track record of cGMP in sterile drug manufacturing. We have extensive access to raw materials and established relationships with our hospital customers and we are FDA approved.

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