Medicine safety

At Hikma, we are committed to medicine safety in all cases where the medicine is prescribed to patients.

Through our robust commitment to pharmacovigilance, we ensure we remain focused on patients' safety. Our Medical Affairs department manages a pharmacovigilance system for the collection, collation, and evaluation of adverse drug reactions and the implementation of effective corrective and preventive actions.

Europe Medical Information, Complaints and Adverse Events Reporting

For further information or to report adverse reactions, please contact

U.S Medical Information Enquiries, Complaints and Adverse Drug Experiences

For US Medical Information Enquiries, Complaints and Adverse Drug Experiences please contact or call  +1-877-845-0689          

Rest of the World Enquiries, Complaints and Adverse Drug Experiences

For all other enquires or to report adverse reaction which occurred outside Europe or the United States of America please contact

United States Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008

Set out below are the Certificate of Compliance and related Product List by NDC in relation to the compliance by West-Ward Pharmaceuticals Corp., with the United States Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008.

Certificate of Compliance