Hikma receives high score in CDP Global Climate Change Report 2015

Amman, 19 November 2015 - Hikma Pharmaceuticals, Jordan’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturer, received a high score on its CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) Global Climate Change Report 2015. Hikma has scored 90 ‘B’ in the rating of healthcare sector responding companies, marking a steady improvement during the reporting year of 2014.

Press Release Responsibility 19 November 2015

Additionally, Hikma was nominated for a CDP award. It was placed on the short-list of FTSE 350 companies in the “Biggest relative reduction in emissions (from emissions reduction activities)” category.

Hikma has been actively committed to reporting to the CDP, which expertly scrutinizes carbon emissions and provides analysis for better operational functionality. This self-generated reporting is in line with Hikma’s efforts towards minimizing its environmental impact and global carbon footprint.

“As a global manufacturer, we are highly aware of our impact on the environment, which is why we constantly seek methods to minimize waste, analyze carbon emissions, promote the responsible usage of energy and electricity consumption, and reduce demands for water consumption. We report climate change data to the CDP so as to increase transparency to our stakeholders and manage both risks and opportunities arising from climate change,” commented Vice President of Corporate Communication at Hikma Pharmaceuticals, Hana Darwazeh Ramadan.

“At Hikma, we are also keen on educating our staff and raising their awareness about the effects they have on the environment in everything they do. I would like to congratulate and thank all Hikma employees, who have always been the cornerstone of our success, for their excellent teamwork and dedicated efforts.”

In 2015, Hikma was among almost 2,000 companies to report climate change data to the CDP.  Participating companies were scored against two parallel assessment schemes: performance and disclosure. The performance band (E to A) assesses a company’s reported level of action on climate change mitigation, adaptation and transparency. In turn, the disclosure score (one-100) assesses the comprehensiveness and transparency of a company’s response to the CDP’s questions regarding the measurement and management of its carbon footprint, climate change strategy and risk management processes and outcomes.

The CDP is an independent, not-for-profit organization holding the world’s largest public database of self-reported climate change, water and forest-risk data. This global initiative aims at encouraging large organizations and their suppliers to transparently disclose their carbon emissions and climate change strategies. By gathering such information, the CDP strives to integrate strong environmental awareness in all companies across various sectors in order to improve the management of environmental risks such as climate change, deforestation risks and sustainable water use.

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