Hikma Receives FDA Approval for Cancer Drug Irinotecan

On December 20th, 2010, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States announced the approval of Irinotecan, a drug used in the treatment of advanced colon cancer. The drug, produced by Hikma pharmaceuticals, is the first cancer drug the company has registered in the US.

Press Release Product 20 December 2010

Thymoorgan Ltd., Hikma’s affiliate company that specializes in cancer medication, obtained the necessary license for the production of cancer drugs and exportation to the United States. FDA approval for the drug shows the systematic and high-quality drug production achieved by Hikma worldwide.

Hikma Pharmaceuticals currently has two locations for the manufacture of cancer medication: one in Jordan and another in Germany. Currently there are eight products registered in Jordan. Hikma was the first company in the region to begin producing cancer drugs and the company aims to provide various health sectors with high-quality medications.

Mr Maen Addassi, Oncology Sales & Marketing Manager MENA, remarked on this approval saying “Hikma has always been working diligently in expanding its product range into new areas of medication such as the anti cancer products, this approval is a further proof of the high standards and efficacy of Hikma products and we hope to have more important life saving medications soon in the biosimilars product range.”

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