Hikma Pharmaceuticals Holds Anti-Obesity Campaign

[Amman, Jordan – November 2010] In its effort to proactively participate in the World Anti-obesity day, Hikma Pharmaceuticals held an awareness and educational campaign this month. Hikma, Jordan’s leading pharmaceutical company consistently holds CSR campaigns in the kingdom to meet the goal of improving the health of employees and the community. This campaign was the first of its kind in Jordan and aimed at educating people about risk factors and problems associated with obesity.

Press Release Responsibility 27 October 2010

Obesity is a growing problem worldwide, affecting over 400 million people. In Jordan 33% of males and 60% of females are overweight or obese. Over the past 3 months Hikma has sponsored 70 booths in pharmacies to raise awareness about the condition. Two Hikma representatives at each booth shared nutritional information and educational material about obesity prevention and control.

On November 25th Hikma held a campaign at multiple facilities in honor of World Anti-Obesity Day. Booths were installed with advanced electronic balances to provide information about body weight, BMI, body fat, visceral fat, muscle percentage, and required calories per day. Hikma volunteers also distributed healthy eating guides and educational material. At the Hikma premises the company sponsored lectures by endocrinologist Dr Kamel Al Ajlouni and nutritional expert Ayah Murad.

As a leading pharmaceutical company, Hikma aspires to prepare its employees to be leaders in health. By raising awareness about obesity and by setting an example for healthy nutrition and lifestyle, Hikma hopes to lead the way for all Jordanians. Hikma’s Director of Corporate Communication, Ms Hana Ramadan, stated, “Every year the number of people diagnosed as overweight or obese increases. Simple lifestyle and nutritional changes can stop the spread of obesity and the associated medical issues. At Hikma we hope to set an example for healthy living by raising awareness and encouraging employee participation.”

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