Hikma Pharmaceuticals for Investing in Healthcare at the World Economic Forum Dead Sea 2013

Amman, 26 May 2013 – Hikma Pharmaceuticals, the leading pharmaceutical manufacturer, and a Partner of the World Economic Forum, continues on the path of advancing the economy and health sector in the Middle East and North Africa region by participating in the "Investing in Healthcare" panel and Arab Employment initiative, at the WEF Dead Sea that was held between 24th and 26th of May 2013.

Press Release Responsibility 26 May 2013

In 2013, Hikma became a Regional Associate of the World Economic Forum to align their efforts through this partnership for a shared vision of advancing growth and resilience in the region in these turbulent times.

Represented by Mr Mazen Darwazah, MENA CEO, Hikma was actively involved in the project board of the « New Vision for Arab Employment » initiative, which aims at addressing the employment challenge in the Arab World, Mr Darwazah commented on the urgency of job creation in the region and the required mechanisms and partnerships to address this issue in the Levant region.

Based on most recent International Finance Corporation (IFC) Jobs Study report, a significant constraint to job creation and overall economic growth is the lack of sufficiently skilled workers, and the best way in the medium - to longer-term to overcome that constraint is through a combination of further education and on-the-job training.

At the Health session held on May 25th entitled "Investing in Healthcare" Mr Darwazah addressed the opportunities for investing in health and well-being with the vast differences in cost and access across the region. The role of the private sector in helping to balance the vast differences in cost and access across the region is vital as lower cost and lower health access economies with favorable demographic trends present opportunities for private sector companies and a responsibility in assisting local governments’ limitations to improve healthcare provision.

The role of information technology in improving healthcare was also addressed at the sessions in terms of patient compliance, improving private healthcare expenditure tracking, better patient education and wider access to online patient groups.

Mr Mazen Darwazah, commented on Hikma's partnership and participation at the WEF saying; "As a major player in the region's developing healthcare sector, Hikma finds the WEF to be an excellent opportunity for leaders of leading organizations to meet as a global community to share best practices and discuss common challenges and risks. With all its resources, our region as a whole has formidable assets to drive positive outcomes." Mr Mazen also added, "private sector healthcare companies improve health and wellness not only by providing better access to drugs and improved medical education/training, but also by contributing to greater employment, more highly skilled workers and general wealth creation."

Over the past thirty years Hikma has focused on advancing and building communities through developing and investing in the health sector in the MENA region. Youth empowerment and their enrolment in the work forces has been a major priority for Hikma as the MENA region is home for youthful populations and some of the fastest-growing economies

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