Hikma Holds its Annual Training Workshops for Human Resources and Corporate Responsibility Employees

Amman, 11 October 2012 – Hikma Pharmaceuticals held its Annual Human Resources (HR) and Corporate Responsibility (CR) training workshops for its employees from various subsidiaries in the Middle East and North Africa region, US and Europe. The workshop that was held in Amman from October 7th till October 11th began with an HR workshop from the 7th till the 9th and a CR workshop from the 10th till the 11th. The aim of the workshop was to provide the employees with the latest methods and global trends in the fields of human resource management and corporate responsibility, as part of Hikma’s continuous efforts to motivate its employees and encourage them to excel.

Press Release Responsibility 11 October 2012

The training sessions focused on knowledge sharing and interaction between the Hikma teams globally to develop their skills and expertise and enrich their experiences in the fields of human resource management and corporate responsibility.

According to Mrs. Majida Labadi, Vice President of Corporate HR: “These workshops are essential because they help in developing and strengthening the skills of our HR people, which reflects on enhancing productivity of other departments and moving our business to the next level. The upcoming targets are developing and investing in Hikma talents.”

Hikma cooperated with “Schema", a leading advisory company in the field of sustainability through corporate responsibility and corporate governance, in delivering training sessions on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and latest CR trends, to improve the skills and capabilities of its staff in formulating sustainability strategies and reporting through providing them with tools to advance and further develop their practices to become leaders in this field.

Mrs. Hana Ramadan, Director of Corporate Communications and Corporate Responsibility at Hikma Pharmaceuticals, commented on these workshops saying: "These annual meetings for HR and CR employees for Hikma Group all over the world demonstrate that Hikma’s HR and CR programs are fundamental for the development and success of the company. We at Hikma Pharmaceuticals follow a clear strategy in implementing effective corporate responsibility programs to foster community development and employees’ engagement.”

Hikma is committed to its responsibilities including those towards the local communities through education and wellbeing initiatives based on a clear and effective strategy. These initiatives are held throughout the year across the group, to enhance employee engagement and forge closer links with the communities.

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