Enabling our people

As the driving force behind Hikma’s growth and success, our people are our most valuable asset. We take our commitment to developing their skills, protecting their health and safety and celebrating a culture of diversity very seriously.

It is ultimately our people that will deliver our strategy and achieve our ambitious growth targets. For this reason, ‘inspiring and enabling our people’ is one of Hikma’s strategic priorities. Across Hikma, our focus is on building a culture of collaboration, creating an environment where people can do their best and recruiting and retaining the best talent.

One of our highest priorities is keeping everyone in our organisation safe and healthy and we aim to support them with a culture of diversity and inclusion. Our values of integrity, excellence, respect and transparency support our culture and are the principles that shape the way we think, work and behave read more on our values

We monitor employee-related indicators that help us to improve our approach to enabling and engaging our employees.

We measure indicators such as gender diversity, employee enablement, employee engagement and turnover to understand better how we are achieving our organisation-wide strategic goal of inspiring and enabling our people.

Employee engagement measures our people’s pride in working for Hikma, their willingness to recommend Hikma as an employer and their desire to stay long term for more details see our 2020 annual report

Employee enablement measures whether our people find their work fulfilling and rewarding, and whether they feel supported to achieve their full potential for more details see our 2020 annual report

By investing in our employees’ development, we believe we are developing Hikma’s future leaders. We offer many ways for employees to develop their skills and capabilities, including on-the-job training, e-learning and education opportunities.

In 2018, a key achievement was launching the Hikma Academy with the aim of optimising all of our learning and development (L&D) efforts. Beyond employee training, the Academy also aims to strengthen employment prospects for school and university students and interns working at Hikma. The Academy oversees employee development using a global learning management system that delivers high-quality employee development activities.

Keeping our people safe and healthy is fundamental to our success. Occupational health, safety, environment and energy (OHSEE) management is a priority at all of our operations and all our facilities comply with stringent industry standards. We provide information, training and support to all our employees to ensure we have safe processes and working environments.

We are continuously refining our production processes, equipment and training to minimise potentially harmful situations and to prevent environmental incidents and emergencies. Across our US operations between 2013 and 2018, we have achieved a 77% improvement in our lost time injury rate. We aim to expand our safety reporting to include all of our facilities in the future.

We conduct volunteering campaigns annually to spread employee awareness about health and safety. Read about our ‘You are Hikma’ campaign here. 

We are a diverse company with global operations and we strive to create an inclusive culture that promotes and celebrates diversity. We take pride in the diversity within our organisation and recognise that it contributes to our creativity and effectiveness, as well as reflecting the diverse communities we serve.

We strongly believe in equality for all of our employees. We are an equal opportunity employer and hire on merit alone. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation or any other characteristic.

Part of our commitment to the communities we serve is involving our employees in delivering positive, meaningful contributions through volunteering. We offer many volunteering activities every year, including a number of Group-wide campaigns.