Continuing professional development and education

Ever since our foundation, in 1978, our founder, Samih Darwazah, believed in the importance of education. He thought that education had the power to elevate communities to a better quality of life and could help our employees to advance in the workplace by extending their knowledge and skills.

We encourage all of our people to expand their talents and have rotational training programmes in place to support this. Every year, we invite employees from all departments to take part in training, either externally or internally, to extend their talents, gain fresh perspectives and enhance their skills and experience.

We also have an education programme called the ‘Continuing Education Scheme’. Through this scheme, our employees can apply for funding to further their education. We offer up to US$ 70,000 to any one applicant. A committee meets regularly to review applications and select successful candidates according to established criteria. Since 2010, we have funded a total of 53 employees with awards totalling US$928,107.