Our position on freedom of association and collective bargaining

We support freedom of association and collective bargaining across Hikma to ensure employees are fairly represented and their rights are protected.

Employee representation takes different forms across Hikma. Employees are either represented by trade unions or other employee groups that discuss employee issues and concerns with management. At some sites there is no employee representation, yet all of our employees reserve the right to freely associate and to pursue collective bargaining. Where official unions are present, employees are protected by collective negotiation agreements signed by the general manager of the site and the head of the union. Elsewhere selected employees represent the workforce in discussing employee issues with management at the site.

Our managers are responsible for union discussions and ensuring that employees are aware of their rights. Topics discussed with unions and employee representatives include salary and bonuses, insurance cover, which is reviewed annually, employee health and safety and employee training.

Employee representation in Europe and MENA varies in accordance with local laws and the needs and priorities of our employees. In the US, we comply and will continue to comply with all applicable federal, state, and local legislations affecting our business.