Supporting Education for Our Families

The Children of Hikma Programme

Hikma is committed to furthering education within the communities that it operates. The Children of Hikma programme links employee benefits with community benefits by offering exceptional children whose parents work at Hikma a chance to earn full or partial scholarships. Launched in 2009, the programme supports children’s ambitions of attending institutions of higher learning. It also supports our goal of remaining a top employer in our operating countries, one that is responsive to the needs of our employees.

Every year, we offer full scholarships to up to five children of Hikma employees, and up to 25 partial scholarships. Since the launch of Children of Hikma, more than 40 children have received financial assistance to attend various colleges and universities.

Children of Hikma highlights


Providing financial assistance and scholarships to the children

of long-standing Hikma employees located in Jordan.

2009 – 2014

Up to 3 Full scholarships offered per year

Up to 20 Partial scholarships offered per year

2015 – Present

Up to 5 Full scholarships offered per year

Up to 25 Partial scholarships offered per year

To Date

41 children of Hikma employees have graduated

through the Program

Through our Children of Hikma Programme, we are able to improve access to quality education by removing restrictive barriers faced by many of our employees. This results in enabling our employees and their families to enjoy higher standards of living and to contribute more productively to their communities.