Hikma Ventures

Driving innovation in the Healthcare Sector

In 2015, Hikma established its corporate venture capital arm – Hikma Ventures (HV) – an entity dedicated to identifying and investing in emerging companies within the digital health space. Through strategic investments, HV aims to position Hikma as an enabler of innovative technologies in the healthcare sector while at the same time diversifying revenue streams and improving access to mid to long-term growth opportunities. Through HV, our goal is to improve Hikma’s value proposition, reputation and market intelligence.

Innovation within the healthcare space is spurring a Digital Health Revolution, resulting in unprecedented value potential for consumers. By integrating technology into their businesses, healthcare companies are advancing personalized treatment, adherence and prevention to offer better services for patients. Wearable technology and the incorporation of virtual reality (VR) are adding new dimensions to patient care and are dramatically advancing patient-physician engagement. By tapping into the next generation of medical care, Hikma aims to drive innovation, improve patients’ wellbeing and further enhance its market potential.

Value to Our Shareholders

Provides Hikma with an autonomous and agile corporate unit that is empowered to make strategic investment deals and diversify Hikma’s revenue streams

Value to Consumers and Patients

Enables delivery of the latest next generation healthcare products to the market, enabling consumers and patients to benefit from more personalized and advanced healthcare

Value to the Healthcare Industry

Strengthens Hikma’s contributions to the ongoing healthcare revolution while positioning the organization as a driver of innovation

Value to Innovative Capacity

Removes critical barriers of entry for startups

Enables synergy between startups and Hikma

Supports general technological development

The activities of HV contribute significantly to sustainable development. Its investments in small and medium scale startups provide valuable support to the entrepreneurial ecosystem by removing barriers of entry and by enabling synergies with Hikma’s global footprint. The targeted support of HV serves as a catalyst for technological advances in key areas of the digital healthcare market.

Discover more about Hikma Ventures: http://www.hikmaventures.com