Embedding a Corporate Culture of Innovation

Hikma’s Innovation & Leadership Advisory Board (ILAB)

As an organization with over 8,000 employees spanning four continents, Hikma faces many of the challenges of large, geographically spread organizations. The nature of the ever-changing healthcare industry requires that Hikma remains open to new ideas and constantly aware of the continuously evolving industry landscape. We therefore recognize the value of staying flexible and adaptable to new ideas and trends by embedding a culture of change and innovation within the organization.

As part of our efforts to maintain our organizational agility, we established the Innovation & Leadership Advisory Board (ILAB) in April, 2016 ILAB is a formal committee consisting of high-performance employees under 35, tasked with advising executive management on policies and actions that will drive innovation and promote a culture of change within the company.

ILAB also serves as a platform for empowering young Hikma employees, enabling them to communicate ideas and suggestions to top decision-makers openly and transparently. It is by engaging all employees and integrating their views into the decision-making process that Hikma can remain relevant in an ever-evolving industry and maintain value creation for all its stakeholders.

Ensure that Hikma has a culture that attracts and retains top young talent and that it becomes the employer of choice across all regions Present information to Executive Management about the latest technological innovations that can propel Hikma forward and maintain its relevance in the market Identify critical areas of improvement across all departments and suggest creative solutions to Executive Management Act as representatives for Hikma’s young employees, empowering them and making their voices heard

Since its establishment, ILAB has successfully introduced several policies and activities that support our capacity to innovate collectively. These include the development of a thorough and comprehensive training program to attract top human capital into the company, as well as the establishment of ITECH – a speaking series designed to expose Hikma employees to new technologies and bridge the gap between Hikma and innovation. ILAB also developed an internal Innovation Competition to streamline and encourage the implementation of groundbreaking project ideas, and is overseeing the introduction of 3D printing technology into Hikma’s manufacturing processes.