Providing Affordability, Accessibility and Quality to Egypt’s Oncology Sector

The Launch of our Hikma Specialized unit

2016 marked the successful launch of our Hikma Specialized unit in Egypt as the country’s only local manufacturer for oncology products. The state of the art facility offers Egyptians and the wider region with high quality injectable and oral oncology products, helping us fulfil our vision of delivering affordability and accessibility to our populations in high need medical areas.

The Hikma Specialized portfolio includes products that address an extensive variety of cancer types (solid tumors and hematology); including: Breast Cancer - Colorectal Cancer - Lung Cancer – Leukemia – Multiple Myeloma - Thalassemia and others. Through the facility’s rich pipeline and product portfolio, we hope to create long-term, sustainable value for patients and healthcare providers in Egypt and the MENA region as a whole.

Hikma Specialized improves access to affordable medicine by:

  • Leveraging expertise and synergy from across our global network to drive Egypt’s oncology sector – improving local capabilities to meet rapidly evolving patient needs.
  • Creating a robust local platform through which to introduce new generic products that are more economic for patients and less prone to interruptions in availability.
  • Reducing costs for Egypt’s healthcare providers enabling them to offer more  affordable treatment to end user patients.

Hikma Specialized addresses urgent needs in Egypt and the region:

  • Between 2013 and 2050, Egypt is expected to witness a three-Fold increase in cancer incidence.1
  • By 2050, an estimated 72,000 Egyptians will suffer from Breast Cancer and an estimated 7,000 will suffer from Leukemia.2
  • Breast Cancer comprises 15.4% of all cancer types in Egypt (second highest in the country).3
  • β-thalassemia is Egypt’s most widespread genetic disorder, representing a major national health calamity. Its carrier rate is estimated to be between 9-10%, with approximately 1,000 Egyptians born with the disorder every year.4

More about Hikma Specialized:

Breast Cancer

  • Our portfolio and pipeline for breast cancer treatment is diversified, including treatments such as: chemotherapy, hormonaltherapy & targeted therapy.

Leukemia and Hematology

  • Our portfolio offers key therapeutic products for a range of Leukemia types such as chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). Hikma Specialized products target affordability and quality for patients, enabling them to experience improved quality of life during their treatment.


  • Our Hikma Specialized portfolio includes high quality, affordable products for patients suffering from β-thalassemia, Egypt’s most common genetic disorder.

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