Operating Ethically and Supporting Inclusive Employment

At Hikma, we are committed to operating with the highest levels of integrity and ethics; and ensuring that transparency remains at the core of our governance model. Our Code of Conduct is communicated to all employees, and we maintain anonymous “speakup” hotlines to empower people to address potential compliance or corruption issues. Corporate Responsibility at Hikma is governed by the Compliance, Responsibility and Ethics Committee (CREC), a Board-level committee, which focuses on formalising Hikma’s strong ethical commitment to business integrity.

Hikma also aligns its activities with multiple international frameworks that safeguard best practice standards in ethics and anti-corruption.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption: Hikma is a founding member of the World Economic Forum’s Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (“PACI”), the leading business driven global anti-corruption initiative.

Compliance with the UK Modern Slavery Act (MSA): Hikma is committed to ensuring that modern slavery in the form of forced or compulsory labour and human trafficking does not take place in any of its businesses or supply chains across the globe.

Promoting inclusivity through Employment

In 2016, our team in Portugal collaborated with the Portuguese Refugee Committee to develop a programme that will train and employ refugees in Europe. The ongoing refugee crisis in our areas of operation represent one of the world’s most significant challenges, one that we are committed to help alleviate. The programme’s first participant, Amir Hamad, is a Sudanese refugee who arrived in Portugal through Egypt. After being hired and trained by Hikma, Amir is now an integrated member of the team and is reunited with his family in Portugal.