Sustainability, Case Study, Goal 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure

For the third consecutive year, our Innovation and Leadership Advisory Board (ILAB) has served as a channel for young people in Hikma to nurture and develop new ideas.

In this time, ILAB has achieved great success in representing young employees across the organisation, helping to foster an innovative culture, and identifying and implementing innovative solutions for business issues.

One of the most successful ILAB projects has been i-Tech, a series of events designed to showcase ideas and companies at the forefront of innovation and technology. Our latest i-Tech event was a panel discussion with industry experts on the theme ‘Healthcare Disrupted?’.

We also organised our second Hikma Innovation Competition (HIC), a companywide competition for colleagues to propose innovative ideas to help achieve business goals. The most practical and feasible ideas are selected by a committee of judges. The winning idea in 2018 was the ‘Visual Expiry Indicator’, a colour-coded indicator that, once activated by a patient, changes colour as the product nears expiry, keeping the patient continuously aware of the product’s shelf-life.