Sustainability, Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth, Case Study

The Jordan River Designs Programme was developed in 1997 by the Jordan River Foundation (JRF) and IKEA to provide capacity-building and economic empowerment to marginalised women in Jordan.

The programme offers training and employment in manufacturing traditional artisanal products, providing the women with a sustainable income and employable skills.

We began our support for the programme in 2012, directly sponsoring training and employment for nine women from the Amman and Madaba areas of Jordan. All nine women are currently employed through the programme and have become the primary breadwinners in their families.

“My story was one of struggle and perseverance. The series of technical trainings that JRF provided me motivated me to work and become an independent woman. Because of this project, I was able to provide for my family and secure a sustainable income.”

Fairouz Mohammed, Jordan River Design Programme participant

“Embroidery has literally saved my life and that of my children. I’ve never stopped learning and dreaming of a better future. You wake up every morning, roll up your sleeves and prevail!”

Khadijah, Jordan River Design Programme participant

“This job saved my life! It took me years to secure a steady income and I’ve never had health insurance or a social security account before... Supporting a family of six has never been easy, but at least I now have a career I can rely on.”

Freeha Al Hafyan, Jordan River Design Programme participant