Sustainability, Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth, Case Study

As part of our effort to empower women in our communities, we established the Hikma Fellowship in Support of Women Entrepreneurs Programme in Jordan in 2016.

The programme offers workshops to help women entrepreneurs develop their businesses and also provides opportunities to network and share ideas.

We recently expanded the programme to include opportunities for our people to ‘adopt’ start-ups and offer them mentoring and assistance. In 2018, we adopted four start-ups in Jordan. We aim to expand the scope of the programme to other markets in MENA over the next few years.

“The Hikma Fellowship in Support for Women Entrepreneurs Programme supported my start-up in a crucial transitional phase of its development. We were able to gain knowledge and expertise from a legal standpoint, which facilitated our progress and helped us land our first license deal for one of our product innovations. The knowledge and direction we got from commercial and business aspects helped us develop a strategy for sustainable growth. I am very thankful to the team and their responsiveness to our needs and the generosity with their most limited resource…time!”

Sahar Madanat, Founder and Creative Director, Twelve Degrees

“The Hikma Fellowship in Support for Women Entrepreneurs Programme was a great programme for me and my business. It gave me a global view with a local perspective and helped expand my leadership skills as well as developing a better understanding of my company’s objectives for the future. Seeing the teams work at Hikma inspired me to think beyond the team I currently lead. It also gave me perspective on my areas of development and showed me my business gaps.  The group of women who were with me supported and encouraged me to pursue my goals.”

Abeer Qumsieh, Founder, Better Business