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2019 marked the second year of our four-year partnership with The Prince’s Trust, a UK-based organisation providing capacity building and job-readiness opportunities to young people who face barriers to education and employment.

As Patrons of The Prince’s Trust, we support the organisation with a financial contribution of £50,000 per year and by enabling our employees to volunteer as mentors and participate in fundraising activities. In 2020, The Prince’s Trust will
support its millionth young person in the UK, with an ambition to support another million over the next ten years.

We hope that our partnership will meaningfully contribute to the Trust’s goal of helping one million young people over the next ten years.

Funding for STEM-related activities

Around half of our financial contributions
support STEM (Science, Technology,
Engineering and Maths) education through a series of STEM-enrichment workshops. The workshops provide young participants with the tools and knowledge that help diversify their capabilities and secure future employment opportunities.

In 2019, our support was directed towards two STEM-related activities: the Achieve programme and the Get Started with Robotics programme.

The goal of the Achieve programme is to help young people that face barriers to learning to either continue or re-engage in education. These early interventions are integral to giving young people the inspiration and aspiration they need to succeed.

The Get Started in Robotics programme
offered 11 young people the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in building robots. The programme engages children from disadvantaged backgounds through a themed, week-long course designed to strengthen education and employability.


We have also organised several volunteering opportunities for our people to directly offer their support. During the ‘World of Work Day’, we welcomed young participants to our offices in London, where they spent the day with our employees developing their interpersonal skills, enhancing their CVs and practising interviews. We also participated in the ‘Palace to Palace’ cycle challenge to raise funds for the Trust.

Where are we helping?

A four-year partnership (2018-2021) with The Prince’s Trust, which supports young people across the UK who face barriers to education and employment and aims to help one million young people over 10 years

How are we helping?

Financial contributions:

Financial contributions:

Our financial assistance of £50,000 per year, half of which is directed towards supporting STEM education across the UK.



Hikma mentors take part in mentorship activities such as the ‘World of Work Day’ which aims to improve the interpersonal skills and job readiness for the student participants.

Fundraising activities:

Fundraising activities:

Our people take part in various fundraising initiatives organised by the Prince’s Trust to help raise money for their cause.