Sustainability, Press Release

Hikma Pharmaceuticals enhances employees performance through Training Sessions and Workshops

Amman – November 2013 – Hikma Pharmaceuticals highlighted the importance of enriching its employees' competencies for better performance, and opening doors for them and providing better opportunities for career advancement through holding a series of Human Resources (HR) and Corporate Responsibility (CR) training sessions and workshops for employees from various subsidiaries in the Middle East and North Africa, US and Europe. The sessions aimed to showcase the latest methods and techniques that are used in the fields of HR and CR by businesses globally.

CR Champions were introduced to and trained on a new sustainability software solution that Hikma has recently acquired from sustainability consultants "Credit360", which will facilitate the management of data generating and collection from its different locations worldwide to ensure that the reporting process is efficient and effective.

The HR session brought together employees from across the group to share the corporate HR strategy and set an action plan to achieve those objectives through a set of initiatives that the HR in each subsidiary will work on. In addition, they have exchanged their knowledge and experiences which encouraged a performance driven culture.

Mrs. Majda Labadi, Vice President of Hikma Pharmaceuticals' Corporate HR said, "Training sessions and employee workshops are not new at Hikma. We have been holding these gatherings annually for our global teams to network and interact, as a way to ensure that all our employees get the appropriate training opportunities to improve their knowledge and skills. Our employees are the main driver behind the growth and success of Hikma."