Measuring our success

We are delivering our strategy through our three strategic priorities and measuring our performance with key performance indicators (KPIs).

The key performance indicators (KPIs) we measure our performance against are:

Core revenue

Why is it a KPI?
This measures our ability to maximise value from our current product portfolio across our global markets and generate revenue from new launches

2020 Performance:
Group core revenue increased by 6% reflecting good demand for our in-market products and new product launches
Core operating profit

Why is it a KPI?
This measures our ability to grow
revenue and maintain quality while
delivering efficiencies and ensuring
cost control

2020 performance:
The increase in core operating profit was driven by good revenue growth across all three business segments and growth in profit of our Generics and Injectables businesses
Return on invested capital

Why is it a KPI?
This measures our efficiency
in allocating capital to businesses
and projects

2020 performance:
Return on invested capital remained strong at 16.2%. This was slightly lower than 2019, reflecting the adverse impact of foreign exchange on core operating profit
Core revenue from new products launched

Why is it a KPI?
This measures our ability to extract value from our global product pipeline

2020 performance
In 2020, revenue from new product launches was 7% of Group core revenue, up from 4% in 2019. This reflects the better than expected contribution from new launches in Generics and good contribution from Injectable launches
Employee enablement

Why is it a KPI?
This measures whether people find
their work fulfilling and rewarding
and whether they feel supported
to achieve their full potential

2020 performance
Our employee enablement score decreased by 1%, compared to our 2018 survey. We are working to improve employee enablement across our organisation. In 2020 we introduced our new culture framework and refreshed our values. We are implementing new initiatives to promote our values and enable employees to do their best work
Employee engagement

Why is it a KPI?
This measures people’s pride in
working for Hikma, their willingness
to recommend Hikma as an employer
and their desire to stay long term

2020 performance
Employee engagement improved by 4 percentage points since 2018. This reflects increased communication and collaboration across the Group, particularly around addressing employee concerns in relation to COVID-19