Executive Committee

The Chief Executive is supported by the Group Executive Committee, which considers and develops proposals to the Board, reviews operational performance and oversees strategic and risk activities.

Executive Committee

Siggi Olafsson Siggi Olafsson

Chief Executive Officer

Mazen Darwazah Mazen Darwazah

Executive Vice Chairman, President of MENA

Bassam Kanaan Bassam Kanaan

EVP, Corporate Development and M&A

Majda Labadi Majda Labadi

EVP, Organisational Development

Khalid Nabilsi Khalid Nabilsi

Chief Financial Officer

Susan Ringdal Susan Ringdal

EVP, Strategic Planning and Global Affairs

Riad Mishlawi Riad Mishlawi

President, Injectables

Brian Hoffmann Brian Hoffmann

President, Generics

Henriette Nielsen Henriette Nielsen

EVP, Business Operations

Shahin Fesharaki Shahin Fesharaki

Chief Scientific Officer

Hussein Arkhagha Hussein Arkhagha

Chief Counsel