Board effectiveness

Experience and training

The Committee continues to believe that a longer induction period is desirable for new Independent Directors to allow for building understanding of the business and, where succession for a Committee Chair is taking place, the transfer of knowledge and relationships
associated with the particular committee. Additionally, the Board believes it is important for all directors to have significant international
experience at an executive level, a challenging yet consensual style, and the highest level of integrity. The Committee regularly considers whether there may be gaps in fulfilling the specific and in-depth experiences that the Board requires as a whole, which focuses on
the following areas:

—business environment in both the US and the MENA
—pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution
—development of new generic pharmaceutical capabilities
—listing regulation, investor perceptions and governance

Hikma supports Directors in their continued development. As the Directors are highly experienced, their training needs tend to
be related to either ensuring awareness of changes in the business, political and regulatory environment, or bespoke training and
mentoring on a particular area for development. Therefore, Hikma financially supports specific training requests and ensures that
Directors are briefed by internal and external advisers on a regular basis. Additionally, the Chair of this Committee and Company Secretary
arranged briefings for directors during the year on matters such as global politics, the pharmaceutical regulatory and competitive
environment, capital markets and listing related developments.

Hikma knowledge

Board members frequently visit the business units and meet management teams to fully understand and advise on the important issues facing the Group. In previous years, Non-Executive Directors visited facilities in Jordan, Portugal and the US. The Executive Directors and Ali Al-Husry have extensive experience of Hikma from its earliest days to today. The Directors maintain regular contact with senior management and the Company Secretary ensures that Directors are kept up to date with major developments in the Group’s business.

Board experience 

Board experience by region