Working with our customers to address critical shortages

Hikma continues to play a major role in helping to alleviate drug shortages. In the last two years, we have helped hospitals, doctors and patients by launching 15 products into shortage situations.

In 2018, US hospitals faced a critical shortage of injectable medicines used for patient pain management after a competitor experienced a significant manufacturing disruption. The shortage had a substantial impact on hospitals, as these medicines had to be rationed, which at times resulted in surgeries being delayed.

In response to this shortage, we significantly increased production of these products at our US manufacturing facility, by adding production lines, recruiting additional staff and manufacturing around the clock. We also worked closely with the FDA and US Drug Enforcement Agency to ensure we had the required raw materials.

Increasing our manufacturing output of injectable pain management products

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With these essential medicines in short supply, we were concerned about our hospitals and their patients since they were facing some difficult decisions. By working together with us and US government agencies, Hikma was able to ramp-up production of these important medicines, helping to ease the shortage."

Lee Pearlman President, Greater New York Hospital, Association Ventures, Inc.

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