Improving patient’s access to ritonavir

At Hikma, we are focused on providing patients with the medicines they need. This year, we launched ritonavir, an important, life-saving medicine used to help patients manage their human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1) infections. Hikma’s ritonavir is the first generic version of Norvir® for the US market.

To improve access to generic ritonavir, we engaged with patient advocacy groups to understand how we could best support patients and healthcare providers during the launch of the first available generic. We implemented an education and awareness campaign and helped patients access co-pay assistance. These activities were unconventional for a generic pharmaceutical launch, but provided patients and healthcare providers with the support they needed for this essential medicine.

Supporting ritonavir patients

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Providing new, generic treatment options for people living with HIV is very important, and we were impressed that Hikma worked so hard to understand what ritonavir patients would want to know about this first-to-market generic alternative.”

Kathie Hiers CEO, AIDS Alabama

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