Practical creativity

We think creatively and act practically

Our dedication to practicality, creativity and innovation comes through in the way we think and the way we work. We're always questioning and improving everything, because as the world changes and develops, there's always a better and more efficient way to make better health more accessible and affordable.

From putting in place our vertically integrated supply chain, to developing new dosing solutions, or devising delivery mechanisms that simply work better, we use practical creativity to solve the many and varied challenges facing our customers and patients.

Case Study: Peanuts

In the mid-1980s, with Hikma exporting to the MENA region via Syria, the sudden global economic downturn left the Syrian government unable to pay. So our founder proposed an innovative solution –getting paid in peanuts, which were plentiful in Syria.

Later, when the volume of imports increased to the extent that it was no longer feasible for peanuts to cover the trade, we agreed to switch to bartering with high quality Syrian marble.

The barter system worked well enough to keep the relationship flourishing until the improving economy meant that Syria was able to pay in hard currency again.

It's a practical and creative solution of which we're proud – and the same spirit of innovation still lives on at Hikma.