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Where global expertise meets local solutions

We are committed to providing affordable medicines and maintaining a broad and deep product portfolio that keeps our products within reach. And we use our global expertise to develop solutions for the specific challenges of each market, to ensure reliable access to our medicines.

Whatever the market needs, we apply our deep expertise to put better health within reach of everyone, every day.

Case Study: All-female manufacturing facility

Back in 2012, when Hikma in Saudi Arabia identified gender disparity as an area of potential improvement, we developed an action plan to put things right.

We established several policies and measures to promote gender equality in the KSA facility, including a dedicated section for female employees within the manufacturing facility accommodating and respecting cultural sensitivities.

This bold move enabled us to dramatically increase the number of women employed at the facility, which increased from just two female employees in 2012, to a total of 58 in 2016.

It's another example of Hikma applying our global insight and local knowledge, to create a thoughtful and successful solution.