Quality without boundaries

For us, quality knows no boundaries

We've built our global reputation on bringing important medicines to customers, operating the first US FDA inspected pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in the Middle East.

 But when we talk about quality, we're not simply talking about our products. We're talking about our people, our relationships, and our thinking.

 And as well as being able to rely on the highest standards in everything we do, our customers and partners know they can rely on us to deliver it consistently, in every market, all over the world.

Case Study: MENA Partner of Choice

Since our inception, our vision has been to work with strategic partners around the world, not only to strengthen the breadth of products we offer, but to also provide access to important medicines to those who need them.

We developed licensing agreements with Astellas (formerly Fujisawa) in the mid-eighties and we continue our successful partnership with them till today. Building on our long-standing partnership with Takeda, in 2017 we forged an agreement which gives us the right to register, manufacture, market, distribute and sell four of their leading primary care products in 17 markets in the MENA region.

Our experienced sales and marketing teams, and expertise in promoting cardiovascular and diabetes treatments, make us perfectly positioned to help ensure that the right drugs are reaching the right people, in the right places.