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Supporting our communities

We cannot achieve our mission of improving people’s lives in a long-term, sustainable manner without the backing of our stakeholders. In turn, we endeavour to earn this support wherever possible, through focusing on making a difference in the communities where we operate.

Engaging our employees to give back 

The Hikma Global Volunteering Day, held in April each year, aims to encourage more and more employees in our different units to invest time in their local communities. Employees worldwide participate in a variety of charitable activities; examples include donating blood, cleaning and painting hospitals, kindergartens and orphanages, spending time with children and patients, raising money for research, organising awareness campaigns, and arranging lectures for Hikma employees.

Fostering children’s growth

Hikma continuously contributes to the social development of local communities, including helping children in need. In 2015, Hikma renewed its partnership with SOS Children’s Villages Jordan to sponsor a home in Irbid, Jordan. Hikma covered the expenses of the home, which houses seven orphans and their SOS 'mother'. Hikma, through its various locations, has been supporting the SOS Children’s Villages worldwide by taking part in refurbishing and repainting homes as well as accompanying the children on various educational tours. Hikma’s continuous participation in numerous social responsibility activities has positioned us uniquely place among partners and customers and being a leading company in this field has helped Hikma achieve its remarkable success. Our focus on educating the next generation ensures the development of the communities we are part of.

Investing in local healthcare markets

Over the years we have built strong local businesses, which directly support and contribute to the local communities in which we operate. We have invested in best-in-class facilities, employed local staff and invested in their training and development.

Addressing local health issues and nutrition

As life expectancy in the region is increasing and lifestyles are changing, we are seeing a shift in demand from anti-infectives to treatments for chronic ailments like heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Across all of our MENA markets, we focus on offering products that reflect the needs of the local patient population.

Development and education

Our commitment to our local communities extends to education. Across our businesses, we provide support to local students and institutions. We also provide funding for the development and renovation of pharmaceutical facilities. In addition, we work with institutions to exchange scientific and practical know-how, conducted joint research projects and attend scientific fora and symposia.

Disaster relief and humanitarian efforts

We aim to support communities in distress through disaster relief and humanitarian efforts. Examples of initiatives include in-kind medical donations to areas of strife, addressing the shortage of medical supplies for hospitals and healthcare centres. Such campaigns are handled by Hikma's CR Champions. We also collaborate with different charitable organisations by donating medical products and supplies to alleviate the suffering of people in need.


Sustainability news

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Enabling our people

Without commitment and drive of our people, we would not be the business we are today.