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Promoting good business ethics

Practitioners trust us with their reputation, patients with their health and communities with their future. This is the basis upon which we have earned our licence to operate, and built our focus on long-term value creation. Through stringent internal controls and a healthy ethical culture, we ensure the future prosperity of our business and of our stakeholders.

Human rights

Hikma’s Code of Conduct and supporting policies mirror our commitment to uphold human rights and sustain the highest employment standards. Moreover, Hikma has an ‘Equal Treatment of Employees' harassment policy, which states that we do not condone favouritism or inequality in any shape or form.

Taking action in global welfare 

Part of our mission is to advance global welfare and healthcare standards. We are actively involved in a number of global initiatives. We work with policymakers to influence policy and enhance the healthcare sector. We believe in working collectively and joining communities that establish public-private partnerships to make viable change, ensuring the sustainable growth of worldwide healthcare economies.

Preserving our Founder’s ethics 

Since its establishment in 1978 by Dr Samih Darwazah, Hikma has been built on strong ethical foundations. We consistently uphold these values across our operations; performing with integrity, a drive for excellence, and a high standard of quality and respect towards our people, the environment and our patients. We continue to maintain our transparency and implement accountability measures across the Group. Our corporate strategy centres around two themes – wellbeing and education. We have a Continuous Education Scheme which offers employees the chance to pursue higher-education, as well as internal Company programmes such as management rotation plans designed to strengthen our employees’ skills and enhance their exposure to different parts of the business. 

Compliance, Responsibility, and Ethics Committee (CREC)

Corporate Responsibility (CR) at Hikma is governed by the Compliance, Responsibility and Ethics Committee (CREC), a Board-level committee, which focuses on formalising Hikma’s strong ethical commitment to business integrity. The Vice President of Corporate Communication is responsible for CR at an operational level. The CR Committee oversees Hikma’s CR activities and reports directly to the CREC. 


Hikma operates an extensive supplier selection process that ensures chosen suppliers have the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certificate or its equivalent and our main suppliers are ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001-certified. We encourage working with local companies in the communities in which we operate. For example, many excipients (materials other than active pharmaceutical ingredients) and consumables are sourced locally in their respective countries.

We also utilise Supplier Audit Questionnaires covering areas such as the environment, human rights, child labour, anti-bribery measures and other relevant issues to help with assessing our suppliers’ practices and increase their awareness of responsible operations and business ethics.


Sustainability news

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Supporting our communities

We are achieving our mission to improve people's lives.