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Minimising our environmental impact

At Hikma, we consider environmental stewardship to be a key aspect of our sustainability strategy. We take active steps to track and reduce our adverse environmental impacts and promote awareness about responsible environmental practices both internally and amongst the public. Efficiency improvements in 2016 contributed to sizeable reductions in our emissions versus the previous year.

Hikma’s environmental policy key pledges:

  1. To integrate our environmental policy across the Group;
  2. To reduce our impact on climate change;
  3. To comply with environmental legislation and regulation in every country in which we operate;
  4. To strive for continuous improvement in our environmental protection; and
  5. To implement ISO 14001 or its equivalent at every production site across the Company.

We strive to protect the natural environment, focusing in particular on minimising waste, analysing carbon emissions, monitoring and reducing energy usage and minimising water consumption. We are dedicated to minimising our impact on the environment across our businesses, while at the same time meeting our corporate and business requirements to reduce costs and operate more efficiently.

Download our Occupational Health, Safety, Environment and Energy Policy.

Waste reduction and recycling

We continuously seek to minimise our impact on the environment through pollution prevention, resource conservation and waste minimisation initiatives. This year our various sites have proactively taken steps towards preserving the environment by working with waste disposal partners, launching awareness campaigns with our employees and participating in local level environmental sustainability programmes. An emphasis on recycling and beneficial use programmes has become a standard within Hikma and future expansion of these programmes will remain a focus in the years to come.

Drug take back

For the past five years, our team in Columbus, Ohio has participated in biannual ‘Drug Take Back’ events which are designed to provide a safe, convenient and responsible way for disposing of all types of medicines, including prescription, OTC, liquids, ointments and inhalers. The team’s efforts in 2016 resulted in a record total of 4,946 pounds, equivalent to over six million tablets, being collected. Overall, these events account
for a total of 16,610 pounds of medicines, equivalent to over 25.4 million tablets, being collected and safely disposed of.

Our Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) department continuously seeks opportunities to positively impact the environment. By listening to employee feedback, attending focus groups, or simply working with our waste disposal partners, much success has been realised to achieve ‘green’ results.

GHG emissions

We recognise that human health is linked to the wider environment in which we live and that climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing nations, governments, businesses and citizens over future decades. Pharmaceuticals manufacturing can be an energy-intensive business and it is therefore our responsibility to understand the Company’s related environmental impacts through effective measurement, monitoring and reporting over time. Disclosing our organisational greenhouse gas emissions helps us to address a key pledge of our environment policy: to reduce our impact on climate change. We aim to uphold this through continuous development and improvement of energy conservation and efficiency initiatives, as well as employee engagement and product/process innovations throughout our business. Please see the Directors’ Report on GHG disclosure.

Green buildings

Hikma’s commitment to the environment is an integral part of its corporate responsibility strategy and is one of our business objectives. Therefore, all of Hikma’s buildings are being built in an environmentally friendly manner. For instance, our state-of-the-art lyophilised plant in Portugal is an entirely 'green' building, meeting the highest international standards.

How we’re performing

How we perform on our commitment to the environment is crucial to our business success. We have a comprehensive range of assessment and measuring criteria for our performance. We have successfully obtained the certification of the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) 14001:2004 and equivalent accreditations and undergo renewal every year at our production facilities worldwide.

We continue to deploy reporting systems that aim to reduce energy consumption, waste, carbon emissions and water consumption. Carbon emissions are scrutinised and analysis of better operational functions are considered within the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). We also meet our regulatory obligation to report greenhouse gas emissions pursuant to Section 7 of the United Kingdom Companies Act 2006 Regulations 2013.

Moreover, we align our environmental practices with the UN Global Compact principles and report annually in the Communication on Progress. Across the Group, there is an annual awareness campaign highlighting Hikma’s desire to reduce its environmental impact and stressing the fact that each and every employee can play a major role in this endeavour.


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