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Meeting healthcare needs

Our patients are at the heart of everything we do. We ensure their needs are met through supplying high-quality, affordable medicines. This underpins our strategy on both a global and local scale. Our commitment to providing the right education to doctors and patients is enabling them to lead and promote a healthier lifestyle.

Treating major health issues

The global pharmaceutical market continues to grow, driven by strong patient demand for medicines to treat major health issues. The sustainability of our business model depends on our ability to meet the needs of doctors and patients, adapting our portfolio and capabilities to address their changing requirements over time. We achieve this through continuous investment in the development of a relevant product portfolio for each of our markets, providing both innovative products under licence and high-quality, affordable generic alternatives across a broad range of therapeutic categories. Our focus on maintaining a secure supply of products in markets where demand is highest will enable us to deliver sustainable long-term growth across our businesses.

As the global population ages and lifestyles change, we are seeing a higher incidence of chronic and non-communicable diseases (NCDs). We are continuing to address the demand for treatment for conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, through new product launches and patient activities.

Delivering high-quality, affordable products

The challenge for governments and other customers across our global markets is how to meet the ever-increasing demand for healthcare with limited resources, particularly as populations are ageing and a growing number of patients require hospital care. Our aim is to offer customers a cost-effective solution to healthcare provision by developing a broad portfolio of high-quality and affordable products. This is particularly relevant in developing markets, including the MENA region and sub-Saharan Africa, where healthcare spend per capita is significantly lower than in more developed markets and generic penetration is limited.

We continue to seek new ventures to support the continuous development of our pipeline and broaden our product offering to patients. Across our markets, we are successfully driving new product launches, adding new dosage forms and strengths, expanding into new therapeutic categories and developing new delivery systems. Our focused investment is enabling us to offer a greater number of products to patients.

Enhancing patient and doctor awareness and education

Providing holistic treatment for our patients is a key component of the way we do business. In the communities where we operate, we focus on raising public awareness of critical health issues and helping people to improve their lives by making healthy choices. In the MENA region, our sales representatives provide an important source of information for doctors, making them aware of advances in research and diagnosis to improve treatment. Our mission to improve lives depends on sharing knowledge and promoting healthy practices to improve the treatment and care available to our patients.

We actively work on doctor education and organise events for top physicians in critical therapeutic categories such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, central nervous system conditions and transplant surgery. Through symposiums, standalones and conferences we bring together specialists from a variety of countries to be informed by notable international speakers and discuss new findings in medical science.


Sustainability news

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Promoting good business ethics

Practitioners trust us with their reputation, patients with their health and communities with their future.