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Enabling our people

Without the knowledge, commitment and drive of our people, we would not be the business we are today. We begin by ensuring that they are treated with the utmost respect and equality. From here, we focus on training our people to constantly develop their skills and expertise. This is a virtuous circle from which our organisation significantly benefits, putting empowered and evolved employees at the heart of our long-term business success.

Ensuring health and safety

Health and safety lie at the core of our business. Nowhere is our duty to employees more prevalent than in our responsibility for protecting their health and safety.

Hikma’s health and safety policy is embedded throughout our work spaces, from R&D centres to sales offices. We meet and, where possible, exceed all the labour laws and regulations with regards to workplace health and safety in all the countries in which we operate. We are committed to ongoing progress in our health and safety practices and will continuously work towards the Group-wide implementation of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS) 18001.

Moreover, the general health of our people is important to us and ensures the sustainability of our business. Our business focuses on key therapeutic categories and we supplement these with health awareness campaigns for our employees, their families and ther communities.

Health awareness campaigns include:

  • 'You Are Hikma’ campaign
    Raising awareness within the Group regarding health, safety, and the environment at Hikma and in the broader community
  • Hikma's Cancer Awareness campaign
    Raising awareness on cancer prevention and patient support in conjunction with the World Heart Federation’s World Cancer Day
  • Hikma’s Day against Breast Cancer
    Events and activities focused on awareness, early detection and health screening
  • Hikma’s World Heart Day
    Raising public awareness about heart disease and prevention in conjunction with the World Heart Federation’s World Heart Day
  • Hikma’s – Anti-obesity campaign
    Awareness campaign and obesity screening

Education, training and development

At Hikma we empower our people to develop the skills and expertise required to achieve their professional goals. We are confident in the knowledge that the investment in their training is an investment in our future.

With our commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards and cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices), technical training has always been a top priority across the Group. We follow a systematic approach to ensure training is carried out unequivocally and effectively on our people, utilising GRI data to help us identify areas for further training. Our Continuing Education Scheme supports employees in fully-funded further education programmes. Employees also benefit from ongoing graduate development programmes and management rotation plans. We value our people as our most important asset and are keen to develop and reward them. Our employees benefit from an employee savings fund, share-based LTIP and MIP incentive programmes, medical and life insurance and bonus schemes where possible.

Promoting equal opportunities

Hikma is committed to employing and engaging the best people, irrespective of background, gender, orientation, race, age or disability. Hikma has always operated a discrimination-free working environment and is committed to gender diversity at all levels and in all areas of its business. We consider that our diversity continues to be demonstrated by the broad range of people in our organisation.

Our business relies on a diverse mix of skills and expertise that requires the unique contribution of each person on our team. That’s why we actively promote an environment in which opportunities are equally available to everyone.


As our business grows, both in terms of the number of employees and across new geographies, we continue to strengthen our internal communications. Through our multiple in-person and online channels, we relay key messages across the Group. We make sure our people are aware of the business’ strategy and performance, and the short- and long-term business priorities. We also recognise employee achievements and address any employee questions or concerns. We have in place in all of our regions a ‘Speak Up’ platform that enables any member of our global team to voice their concerns. Through these tools, and our ‘open-door’ policy, we have been able to maintain our close family culture of openness and respect.



Our employees are valued as our most important asset.

Minimising our enviromental impact

Sustainability at Hikma is about building a better business with a brighter tomorrow.