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Enabling our people

Employees are our most important asset and the driving force behind our success. At Hikma, we are committed to maintaining supportive and enriching environments in which our employees can thrive and succeed.


Professional and personal employee development 

Hikma Young Professionals Excellence (HYPE) Programme

At Hikma we aim to enhance the communities in which we are located, as well as invest in the young people within our communities. In 2016 we created a programme called HYPE (Hikma Young Professionals Excellence), which is a two-year rotational programme developed for high-potential and high-performing recent graduates. It aims to attract talented individuals and instill in them Hikma leadership values through a series of rotations in finance, operations and commercial roles. The programme is currently being run in Jordan and the inaugural HYPE class included seven individuals with backgrounds in finance, operations, sales, regulatory affairs and R&D. In 2017 we are increasing the number of rotations and including programme participants in the US, EU and other MENA countries.

Music classes at Hikma

As part of our ongoing efforts to contribute to the wellbeing of our colleagues, employees in Jordan were offered some unique opportunities to enhance their musicality through free music lessons. We partnered with a specialist musical instruction website called ‘Izif’ and offered lessons to anyone with an interest in exploring their musical side.

Over the course of ten weeks, participants attended 90-minute weekly workshops during which they developed their artistic skills by taking singing classes, piano sessions and guitar, oud or drum classes. The programme featured a combination of online and offline sessions.

Women empowerment initiatives

We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We aim to support and empower women in the workplace and strengthen their positions in society.

In 2016, we conducted various activities under the umbrella of ‘women’s empowerment’, including sponsoring and participating in the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, MENA 2016 Conference, in Jordan. Our executives took part in several panel discussions, under the topics of supporting women in the workplace, the importance of gender equality, providing equal opportunities and inspiring women empowerment initiatives.

As part of our Women Empowerment and Motivational Programme, we have been holding monthly women empowerment sessions in our corporate locations, entitled ‘Dare to Dream Big’, which aim to empower and inspire our employees.

Employee health and safety

Safeguarding the health and safety of our people is integral to our commitment to remain a responsible organisation. Our Health, Safety, Environment and Energy (HSEE) policy, which is communicated to all our people, ensures that the highest standards are maintained across the organisation in line with industry best practices. All our employees are rigorously trained with the highest safety and security standards to minimise hazardous risks to the employees themselves as well as their surroundings. We consider our employees to be our most valuable asset and as such make significant efforts to ensure they are fully equipped and prepared to respond to potentially harmful situations.

Going forward, we plan to enhance our measurement of certain health and safety indicators, enabling the organisation to identify areas for potential improvement to health and safety and further optimise our processes and procedures in this regard.



Our employees are valued as our most important asset.

Minimising our enviromental impact

Sustainability at Hikma is about building a better business with a brighter tomorrow.