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As a pharmaceutical company, our primary objective is to provide patients with high-quality and affordable medicines tailored to their needs.

We aim to do this in a sustainable way, by working to ensure our products deliver the maximum benefit to patients in as many markets as possible, while managing the impact of our operations.

At the same time, we are continuously preparing for the future so that we can strengthen and grow our business to create shareholder value while operating in the best interests of our other stakeholders.


"Our aim is to ensure the healthy futures of our patients and to help in creating sustainable healthcare."

Global Initiatives

Hikma is an active player in the international arena of global welfare and ethics and we are engaged in a number of global initiatives that bring about action and change.

Sustainability Report 2016

Read more about our sustainability policies, activities and milestones for 2016

Driving Sustainable Development

“Our position is to do business ethically and to work alongside our communities to improve lives and promote well-being. We believe that when those around us prosper, it puts us in a better position to succeed as an organization as well.”