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Use of products in capital punishment

Hikma aims to improve lives by providing patients with access to high quality, affordable medicines.  Our medicines are used thousands of times a day around the world to treat illness and save lives.

We strongly object to the use of any of our products in capital punishment as it is inconsistent with our values and mission of improving lives and contrary to the intended label use for the products.

In order to safeguard Phenobarbital Sodium, Midazolam Hydrochloride and Hydromorphone Hydrochloride injection products from being used in lethal injection protocols, we have instituted several controls, including specific provisions in our template agreements and additional written assurances from certain purchasers that products will be used for medicinal, patient care not penal purposes.  

We vigorously monitor the distribution of these products and support industry serialization efforts that will help enhance these controls while continuing to promote our values and mission. 

October 2016