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Our work environment

We provide our people with a healthy and safe working environment, where they can openly communicate and exchange innovative and productive ideas.

We maintain values that are integral to the way we do our business, and expect our employees to share and endorse those values throughout the course of their daily business and their lives. At Hikma we provide a professional and friendly environment for newcomers. We are an equal opportunity employer and candidates are selected based on their merit and their technical and interpersonal skills. Our salaries are very competitive in the job market. We offer new entrants a comprehensive induction programme.

Our employee core benefits

Among the core benefits which we offer to our employees are:

  • 12 months basic salary
  • Annual bonuses
  • Educational assistance
  • International Assignments
  • Training and development
  • Career planning
  • Comprehensive medical insurance

At Hikma, we have a highly diverse and multicultural workforce that is united under one entity, the Hikma family. 


At Hikma we categorise our training into three distinct fields:

  • Behavioural: Presentation skills, teamwork excersies and collaboration techniques together with development of planning and organisiational skills
  • Functional: Project management best practices, local labour law, basic finance for non-financial managers and more
  • Language: Hikma provides native language courses in all of its locations plus global English courses across all continents

HR conference

Hikma hosts an annual HR conference that brings together all its corporate HR managers along with approximately 20 HR site managers from MENA, Europe and US. The aim of the conference is to discuss the progress of projects, as well as new initiatives and plans for the following year. The HR conference is crucial to building strong bonds between our global managers and ensure they always work as part of a global team. 



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