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Our strategy is to deliver high-quality, affordable generic and branded generic medicines to patients by strengthening our position as a leading global injectables manufacturer, developing our portfolio of non-injectable products for the US market and leveraging our position as a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer in MENA and emerging markets. 

We are delivering our strategy through our key strategic initiatives:

Maximising portfolio opportunities

We are committed to maximising the potential of our large and well-diversified product portfolio with support of our skilled sales and marketing teams.  Across the Group, our strategic focus is on improving the mix of sales towards higher value products.  In MENA we are building our product launches in the fastest growing therapeutic categories, such as cardiovascular, diabetes, central nervous system and oncology.  At the same time we are rapidly expanding our global portfolio of specialised generic injectable products and more differentiated non-injectable products in the US.

Strengthening and broadening our product portfolio

Continued new product launches, with a focus on higher value, more differentiated products, is the key to driving sustainable long-term growth across our businesses.  In recent years, we have increased our investment in internal R&D, whilst broadening our R&D model to include external partnerships, licensing agreements and product acquisitions.  We have also been growing our product portfolio through M&A.  In particular, strategic acquisitions in the US have significantly enhanced our portfolio and pipeline of injectable and non-injectable products.  These acquisitions have also added large and experienced R&D teams to support us in maintaining good momentum in new product launches.

Maintaining high-quality manufacturing facilities and efficient

Maintaining facilities which meet the highest quality standards is a key strategic priority for the Group.  We currently operate 27 manufacturing facilities across 11 countries and our facilities in the US, Portugal, Germany, Jordan and Saudi Arabia are approved by the US FDA.  Our commitment to operational excellence ensures that these facilities are high-quality, efficient and regulatory-compliant.

Investing for growth

Across our businesses, we continue to successfully invest in the expansion of our product portfolio, technological capabilities, geographic reach and manufacturing capacity, through capital investment and strategic M&A.  Our global Injectables business continues to invest in capacity, new lines and technologies.  In MENA, we have a long track record of growing strong local businesses in each of our markets and we are actively looking for entry points into new emerging markets. The investment we have made in M&A and new product development has positioned our to drive strong future growth.  

Developing a highly skilled and effective workforce

The quality and commitment of our employees has always been a key differentiator.  We are continuously investing in the training and development of our people whilst hiring talented new employees to support our future growth plans.  We have also added to our workforce through acquisitions and we have a long track record of successfully integrating high-calibre, experienced people into the Hikma Group, helping to grow the expertise of our workforce across all of our business functions. 



Enabling our people

Without the commitment and drive of our people, we would not be the business we are today.