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Ethics and compliance

Building on our ethical heritage of over 30 years, our values are at the core of how we conduct our business.

Chairman´s message

At Hikma we have always been committed to maintaining high standards of ethical conduct in our business and our dealings with other people and entities. How we do business is as important as what we do and why we do it.

We understand that any failures of integrity risk damages our long-term success. We conduct our business in adherence to principles of quality, integrity, transparency, dignity and respect for all.

Practitioners trust us with their reputation, patients with their health and communities with their future. This is the basis upon which we have earned our license to operate, and built our focus on long-term value creation. Through stringent internal controls and a healthy ethical culture, we ensure the future prosperity of our business and of our stakeholders.

Complying with laws and regulations

Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC (Hikma) (LSE: HIK) (NASDAQ Dubai: HIK) is a fast growing multinational pharmaceutical group which was founded in 1978 in Jordan. In this content we need to comply and abide with the global & local laws, codes & regulations:

  • UK Bribery Act
  • FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act)
  • Global Anti-Corruption Standards
  • Local Anti-bribery and Corruption Laws

Global compliance structure


The Compliance, Responsibility and Ethics Committee (“CREC”) comprises of five members. Four are Independent Non-Executive Directors, and the fifth member is the Executive Vice-Chairman. The CREC sets the overall strategy for the Group’s response to anti-money laundering, bribery, corruption and trade sanctions risks and is responsible for approving the contents of all of Hikma’s policies in areas where ethical judgements are important. The CREC oversees the Group’s ABC compliance programme, policies on ethics and business conduct and the development of the Code of Conduct (the “Code”). The CREC also oversees Hikma’s speak-up process to raise ethical concerns, and, where relevant, oversees their investigation. The CREC reviews and monitors policy in the area of Corporate Responsibility (“CR”) at Board level. 

Code of Conduct

Hikma’s Code of Conduct provides all Hikma employees, and others who act for us, with a clear understanding of the principles of business conduct, standards, and ethical behaviors that are expected of them. We entrust each and every member of our global team to uphold and abide by the principles and standards the Code sets out

Download our Code of Conduct

ABC Policy

Hikma has a zero tolerance of bribery and corruption. Hikma’s directors, officers and employees, other individuals working for Hikma and joint ventures in which it has an equity control, and all third parties acting on Hikma’s behalf, must never offer or give, nor request or accept money, gifts or anything else of value, which, in each case, could constitute a Bribe to improperly influence someone else’s behavior, or act in a way that gives rise to the perception of such improper influence. 

Modern Slavery Act

Hikma is committed to ensuring that “modern slavery” in the form of forced or compulsory labour and human trafficking does not take place in any of its businesses or supply chains across the globe.  Key measures in support of this goal include training Hikma staff on labour standards and how to recognize and respond to any incidences of modern slavery, undertaking periodic analysis and management of any modern slavery risk in Hikma’s businesses or supply chains, carrying out appropriate due diligence and engaging on the issue with supply chain partners.

Global compliance initiatives



Hikma is an active player in the international arena of global welfare and ethics and we are engaged in a number of global initiatives that bring about action and change.

Vice-Chairman's Prespective

" Our aim is to ensure the healthy futures of our patients and to help in creating sustainable healthcare."

Speak Up

Hikma has in place a ‘Speak Up’ platform across all its regions which enables anyone, whether inside or outside the Group to voice their concerns. Through this tool and our ‘open-door’ policy, we have been able to maintain our culture of transparency and respect, and protect our integrity. 
  • Each one of our employees, regardless of his/her positions, shares the responsibility of bringing forward his/her concerns, questions and suggestions directly to the management

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